Tuesday, February 21, 2006

The amazing powers of myspace

I "ran into" an old school pal on MySpace. I think we were in 6th grade when we met. We were in the same class, but I think our friendship was mainly forged on the bus ride to and from school every day. Some random things I remember about her:
  1. She LOVED Vince Neil. His name was decorated in hearts on all her book covers and binders.
  2. The only music we had in common was a particular boy band that was popular at the time. That, and - judging by the cassette tape she made me in the 7th grade - Poison. Oy.
  3. Her house was white with black trim, which I thought was ridiculously cool.
  4. She was an expert note folder. We had to give an instructive speech in our 7th grade English class, and hers was on how to fold a note. (Drats! I just tried to do it, and I no longer remember how.)
  5. Her boyfriend provided the alcohol that resulted in my first drunken puke, and the pot that resulted in my first high.
  6. She was my first friend to "go all the way," and dispensed fabulous practical advice such as: don't flush condoms unless you want your mom to find them floating in the toilet the next morning.
  7. She was the only person I told when I did the deed myself.

And then she was gone. I think she moved (to Oregon?) for a minute and then moved back, but she didn't come back to school. Oddly enough, her 6th grade "boyfriend" called me a few months ago. (And I totally forgot about it until just now. I never even called him back. Whoops.) I also ran into a friend from college at the grocery store a couple weeks ago.

There was a really hot guy I used to be friends with. Last time I saw him was right before I got married. Please, oh god of the people from my past, let him be the next one to randomly cross my path!


jacque said...

I myself have had a recent blast from the past - not from myspace, but still totally odd.

Megan said...

Kellee - I feel so special after reading your recent blog. I had no idea that I had such practical advice for my friends! AND can you believe that I married that man that got you drunk and "high" for the first time? I didn't come back to school after moving back due to my morning sickness! Ivy was conveniently born exactly 8 1/2 months after we married....ooops!

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