Wednesday, January 18, 2006

So the house is still drafty, but at least I'm happy

I was hunting for some scratch paper and came across a list of to-do's from about three years ago, which puts me at the beginning of my divorce. I remember sitting in my basement, depressed and anxious about the turn my life had taken. Deciding that I'd been feeling depressed and anxious long enough, I grabbed a pad of paper and wrote down things I could do that night to make myself feel better. The list turned into a rough plan for the evening that included things like renting a favorite movie and giving myself a manicure. The exercise worked well enough that I was inspired on the next page to write down "big picture" goals to make myself happy. For this, I gave myself a 5 year timeline. The list:

1. Divorce already.
2. Develop more friendships outside of our mutual circle of friends.
3. Get butt back into dance classes.
4. Own house.
5. Management position at work.

Here's where it gets amazing. Divorce is quite final. Social network has been reestablished. Butt is dancing. Managed to buy out Ex-Husband and keep the house. And check out my business card: KB, Marketing Manager.

Lest you're compelled to give me a pat on the back, I should confess that the next page on the pad of paper included the to-do list of chores for that weekend long ago. Though I can breeze through divorce proceedings and get a promotion two years ahead of schedule, it would seem that taking 10 minutes to put new weather stripping on my front door is completely beyond me.

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