Wednesday, January 04, 2006

My very own Dr. McDreamy

Had my tooth fixed today. I now have the world's largest filling, but probably won't need a crown. More importantly, I had the distinct pleasure of drooling (literally) over my new dentist. He's cute in a very dentisty sort of way, but still cute. Cute enough to be a darn good incentive to get regular checkups, anyway.

I was still all numbed up and drooly when I got to the office, and was having considerable difficulty speaking. I complained to various co-workers, all of whom assured me that such things are normal. I've been under the influence of novocaine before though, and I'm pretty sure the tongue isn't supposed to feel more lopsided as the numbness wears off. A little while later I found a mirror and was inspecting McDreamy's work, when I noticed that he'd left a large (and disturbingly soggy) roll of gauze tucked under my still numb tongue. Aha! So it wasn't normal novocaine weirdness after all!

My feelings of vindication were short lived however. Hard to gloat about being right when it requires admitting to walking around for two hours oblivious to the giant wad of cotton in your mouth.

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