Sunday, January 08, 2006

Little Ladies Man

Some of my friends like to tell me that my son's a little girly. While I agree that he's certainly in touch with his feminine side, it takes only one quick peek inside his toy box to see he's also very much in touch with his truck-driving, gun-shooting, sword-wielding, super hero masculine side. So I gently correct "girly" to "well-rounded."

Yesterday required some birthday shopping for a girlfriend of mine, and I had no choice but to drag The Kid along. Generally, he actually kind of likes shopping and usually provides a surprisingly accurate second opinion. We headed into a funky little secondhand shop to browse around and The Kid spotted a very retro little boy's tee that he described as "SO COOL." And he was SO RIGHT, I had to buy it for him. We then made our way to another funky little shop, where The Kid picked out a bracelet for Birthday Girl. He immediately pointed to the one he liked best, and after carefully surveying the other bracelets and ear rings in the display, I had to admit he was right. As I was paying for the bracelet, the store owner commented on his good taste and obvious predilection for shopping, and I started to worry that maybe my friends are right. Maybe he is girly.

Then I turned around to find that he'd discovered a Venus de Milo statue, and was casually cupping her breasts.

Uh huh. Girly my ass.


Angry Dissenter said...

Hey, kudos for letting your kid be who he is. Quick! Encourage him before our culture brainwashes him with gender stereotypes. They get them younger and younger these days . . .

Heddy said...

I love your blog! You are a natural writer...I've had to bookmark you! Cheers!

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