Friday, January 20, 2006

God Bless the Irish

Our firm is throwing a huge St. Patrick's Day party this year, and I'm helping to plan it. Event planning is one of the fun parts of my job, so it's been a lovely distraction from the budget spreadsheets and holiday card stuffing that've been my world for the past few months. Plus, I'm Irish so St. Paddy's Day is one of my most favorite non gift giving holidays.

In an attempt to get some creative juices flowing, I took some time to read through traditional Irish sayings, toasts, blessings, proverbs, etc. You've gotta love a country whose musings revolve solely around the consumption of beer and whiskey. Except this one:

"May the frost never afflict your spuds. May the outside leaves of your cabbage always be free from worms. May the crow never pick your haystack, and may your donkey always be in foal. "

Swear to god, if I'm ever in a position to give a toast and a wedding, that's the one I'm giving!

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