Thursday, January 12, 2006

A dance before bed time

My mom got me a Sonicare for Christmas. My first attempt to use it resulted in toothpaste being sprayed all over the bathroom mirror. A little smarter on my second attempt, I put it in my mouth before turning it on. But that didn't help for long, because exactly 0.001 seconds after the bristles started vibrating, I realized how extremely ticklish the inside of my cheek is. I yelped and yanked the thing out of my mouth in surprise, forgetting again about the spray problem, and ended up with tiny droplets of saliva and toothpaste all over my face.

Having never before met a vibrating appliance I didn't like, I refused to give up so easily. I bravely put it back in my mouth, closed my eyes, and turned it back on...

...and proceeded to brush my teeth while performing a loose limbed chicken dance and emitting a high-pitched sound that can only be described as "HEEEEEEEEEEW!" Turns out it's not just the inside of my cheek, but also my gums and tongue that are ticklish. But only on the left side. What about the right you ask? Yeah, doesn't tickle. Not at all. Perfectly calm. But move back over to the left, and the dancing and "HEW"-ing kick right back into high gear.

Makes for an interesting bed-time ritual.

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