Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Tips for conversing with my child

Last week Riley told me, in no uncertain terms: "Mom, you should always make sure you know what I'm talking about." I figure the same goes for any of you, so here are some tips to help us all out:

  • We play on a teeter-tot and eat tater-totters
  • "Untached" is the official opposite of attached
  • Storm troopers are called "white guys," Darth Vader is "the big black guy," and Chewbaca is properly pronounced "Cheweybonca"
  • Big Duck is the name of the enormous bird on Sesame Street
  • The correct final lyric to Bingo is "...and Bingo was his rainbow"
  • When playing guitar, "Get your groove on" is a request to turn on your foot pedal
  • A bad British accent is called a "Wendy voice"
  • Canada is the name of any place outside Seattle city limits

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