Thursday, December 15, 2005

My foot is firmly entrenched where a molar should be

I'm what some would call a potty mouth, and I work in a fairly conservative office so I have to constantly edit myself. Lately, I've been working loooooong hours on demeaning projects so I'm beyond exhausted. Equally exhausted, it seems, is my internal potty mouth editor. I caught it napping twice today.

The first little snooze led to my threatening to use my boots to "kick the shit out of irritating attorneys" when someone mentioned the height of the heels on said boots. Unfortunately, the someone happened to be an attorney.

The second wasn't so much a snooze as a deep hibernating slumber, and resulted in me using the term "cluster fuck" to describe the process of sending out the firm's holiday cards. That one was in front of a couple members of the board.

I'll be doubling up on the coffee tomorrow...

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