Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Is that really necessary?

Had a few drinks with a friend at a local bar last night, and as we walked in the door I spotted Home Depot Guy. Remember him? He's the one who marked my pillow cases with his Aveda hairgel. There's no animosity (so I thought) between us and, even if there was, there was no way for me to get past him without being seen, so I stopped to say hi as would any mature adult. He was sitting with a girl that I assumed was a date, and I walked in with my (guy) friend so he probably assumed the same about me, so the conversation was brief and shallow. I felt saying hi to the date would be appropriate, which prompted Home Depot Guy to introduce us: "This is my friend, Jen. Jen this is..." I didn't let him stutter too long before I jumped in to save him and provided my name (again, mature adult), but here's the thing: I'm pretty sure he hasn't forgotten my name. And not because I think I'm particularly unforgettable, but because he just called me a few days ago.

Did he honestly draw a momentary blank, or was he trying to prove a point? Is this a game you men play?

Interesting: I was just about to publish this post when my phone rang. Guess who called to apologize...

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