Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Boys don't cry

(This is a post in honor of my new work neighbor, who sits outside my office - and often IN my office - and ensures that I don't get any work done. She's also pregnant, and had a wicked craving for McDonald's this afternoon. Here ya go Prego, this one's for you...)

Recent conversation with The Boy, as we headed into the drive-thru of our local I'm-A-Bad-Mom fast food joint:

-It's okay if they don't have a toy. I won't cry if they don't.
-I'm glad to hear that.
-I won't cry cuz I'm a big boy. But sometimes I cry when I hurt myself.
-Me too.
-But it's not okay to cry other times.
-Well, that's not true. It's not okay to scream and throw a fit, but it's okay to cry if you're sad or disappointed or frustrated.

Silence, and I think the conversation's over. And then he adds:

-Or if you run into a pole, cuz that's a bummer.


Other Office Guy said...

Wisdom beyond his years.

i sit outside your office door said...

I know it takes you longer to write these blogs than it takes me to read them but they just aren't coming at fast enough intervals. Sure, I could be actually working on the many tasks I have stacking up on my desk but, let's face it, they're not going to fire a pregnant lady. So if you could (kb: and I do appreciate the shout out (can I get a what what?)), just try and write these entries more often that would be great.
Oh my god, she just walked by... she smiled and waved like a beauty queen. all she's missing is the tiara...

KB said...

Aaah... I was wondering why my beauty queen wave made you giggle like that. I do my best to honor the requests of my faithful readers, but surely one post a day is enough to satisfy. Tell you what - if you need an extra kb fix, you can come on in and have a seat and I'll let ya stare at me while I work. Deal?

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