Thursday, December 29, 2005

Because I'm too lazy to send a greeting card

"Get Well Soon" to my mom, who this morning had a chunk (her word, not mine) of scalp removed. This particular "chunk" was home to a potentially cancerous skin abnormality. Yikes. Mom is now stitched up, home, and allowed nothing stronger than extra-strength tylenol. Sounds like the makings for a pretty wicked headache if you ask me.

"My Apologies" also to my mom, for referring to her surgery as a scalping, which she did not find particularly humorous.

"Thank You" to Incredibly Good Looking Friend (so monikered because I know he knows about this blog and, if he ever reads it, is guaranteed to automatically assume that anyone described as incredibly good looking MUST be him), for asking me "did the injuns get her?" when I told him about Mom's head surgery. It's always nice to know that no matter how inappropriate or politically incorrect my humor may be at times, he's always right there with me.

And finally, "Congratulations" to Enormous Friend, who recently got engaged. And who, for the record, is enormous in height only, not girth. It's a sensitive point. He's kinda girly that way.

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