Thursday, November 10, 2005

What a swell fella

My ex-husband dropped off my child and a printer cable last night. The child I was expecting; the printer cable I was not. Earlier this week I asked him if he knew what had happened to my (formerly "our") printer cable. I didn't think he'd taken it to spite me (as in, "Divorce me, will you? I'll show you. I'll make it so you can't print. How ya like them apples, bitch!"), but for some reason I seem to remember him asking if he could have it. He shrugged, said it might be mixed in with some computer stuff he had at home but he didn't think so. The entire conversation probably took less than 15 seconds. It really was no big deal, and I promptly forgot all about it.

And then he shows up with a printer cable he found at work that he thought would probably work. I'm sure this doesn't sound like anything exceptional, but I spent 9 years with the guy and this is NOT normal behavior. This is a man who needs to be reminded to feed his own child. Yet, without obligation he procures a printer cable for his ex-wife. Go figure. It's silly I know, but I was touched. Kinda felt like giving him a hug.

But I didn't.


Anonymous said...

You didn't hug him because you didn't want to get your knees dirty...
he doesn't read this does he?

Lisa said...

this one made me laugh out loud

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