Wednesday, November 16, 2005

My phone thinks I'm an alcoholic... and a potty mouth

Whenever I'm texting (yes, I just used that as a verb) a word that starts with the letters m-a, my smarty-pants phone suggests "margarita." Similarly, h-a turns into "happyhour"and a-s is automatically "asshole."

Now I know in theory my phone's oh-so-handy suggestions are based on the frequent usage patterns of the texter (yup, just used it as a noun), so my own love for alcohol and foul language could arguably be to blame. BUT, when presented with c-o-n, it opts for "congressional." Like I've ever texted (uh huh, now it's a past tense verb) congressional. I think that's proof right there that my phone is fuckin' with me.

It does make me want to send a text to an unsuspecting acquaintance that says something along the lines of: "Me and the congressional committee are meeting for happyhour margaritas, but you're not invited asshole."

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