Tuesday, November 01, 2005

I love my neighbors!

On average...

...one house per block gives out full size candy bars.

...one house per block is so freakin' over-the-top decorated and spooky that I'm jumping and squealing in glee.

...one house per block leaves a bowl of candy on the front porch, and people actually only take one or two pieces.

...zero houses per block have smashed pumpkins and/or egg issues.

...zero teenagers in non-existent costumes are out on the prowl for free stuff.

Do I live in a classy neighborhood or what?

Riley (aka Spiderman) and I (aka Corpse Bride) met up with Ri's best friend from across the street (aka jack-o-lantern), the adults from across the street (aka Jack-o-lantern's parents), and Riley's dad (aka Todd) for a very wet trick or treat extravaganza. We did three or four blocks, and somehow ended up with so much candy that Riley's Spiderman bucket was literally coming apart at the seams. Mmm.... candy.

My kid made me proud. There are quite a few spookerific houses in the neighborhood, and Riley showed no fear. Was he afraid of the house that turned its front door into a giant's head and slipped candy out to kids on his enormous pink, wrinkly tongue? Hell no! Smoke machines? No problem! Flying bats and sound effects? Bring it on!

West, on the other hand, would stand on the sidewalk and send Riley up to the front door as a scout. Riley would evaluate the premises, and yell back anything he thought might scare West (namely, fog and giant tongues). West would then determine whether or not the candy was worth the danger. (He missed a couple of the full-size give always due to fog.) Riley was well paid for his scouting efforts - the scary house people usually gave him some extra candy to take back to West, but Ri always just quietly tucked it into his own bucket.

That's my boy!

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