Thursday, November 24, 2005

I got punk'd!

I got home last night to discover that some idiot had parked so that the ass-end of his car was partially blocking my driveway. I had to 3-point turn and drive over the curb (thank god she's a Suby) to avoid taking out his bumper. I wanted to kick out a tail light, but decided on a note. And not even a particularly bitchy note, for fear I would wake this morning to find his car gone and my car keyed. The note simply said: My driveway is narrow enough without you parking in it.

After a thorough inspection this morning, I pronounced my car unscathed. That's the good news. The bad news: upon reading my note, he simply backed up further to entirely block my driveway. I can't leave my house, unless it's on foot.

I know I should be pissed. I'm trying to be pissed. But truth be told, I think it's pretty funny. Well played, Camry. Well played.

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