Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Feeling Lonely

Don't know what my deal is exactly, but I'm feeling very lonely lately. Take pity on my poor friends who are paying the price with incessant emails, text messages, and phone calls. I'm an addict, craving personal interaction. And, like an addict, I'm prone to paranoia - an hour without a reciprocated email, text, or phone call surely means that everyone I've ever known is gathered in a room discussing all my faults and diagramming the many ways there are to hate me.

The timing is really weird though. I currently have so many conflicting social obligations, I've had to turn a couple down. In fact, I'm meeting a friend for drinks this very evening. So what gives?

For now I'm blaming the cold. Hopefully the feeling will be blown, hacked and spit out along with the phlegm.

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