Friday, November 18, 2005

Consumed with guilt

Last night was a friend's 30th birthday. And not just any friend, mind you, but one I've known since I was 12. The celebration was to begin at 10 pm, which I knew would actually mean closer to 11 for the terminally late birthday boy. I was already exhausted from working late nearly every night this week, and I'm still not totally recovered from last weekend's flu. In fact, aside from a brief repose early in the week, I've been feeling downright shitty since last Saturday. So.... I bailed.

Now, I doubt my presence was of particular importance to Birthday Boy, but apparently it's of importance to me. I'm feeling all sorts of guilt, though I'm sure he and his companions thank me for not infecting the whole lot of them. This will surely work to the benefit of Birthday Boy, as the only way to calm my remorse will be to treat him to dinner at the expensive restaurant of his choice and to arrange for three of my hottest girlfriends to tag-team him.

I suppose he can consider himself lucky - I could have shown up with a gift-wrapped pair of Sponge Bob slippers.

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