Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Confessions of a late-night muncher

If there are chips in front of me, I'll eat them. All gone. I have absolutely no self-control. For this reason, I never, ever buy a bag of chips unless it's one of those individual sized ones. On my last grocery run, however, I found myself in the chip aisle - mouth watering and stomach growling - and no individual sized bags in sight. I knew resistance was futile, so in a last ditch effort to save my thighs, I selected a bag I thought I wouldn't be as tempted to eat: plain, unsalted Tim's Cascades. Unsalted. Yick. Who eats unsalted potato chips?

Me. Turns out I eat unsalted potato chips. By the bag full. Well, by the half-bag full. After the first half, I remembered that I own salt and am perfectly capable of shaking it over a bag of chips.

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