Monday, October 31, 2005

Someone call a priest!

So, the guy I recently stopped dating used a very distinctly scented hair gel. It was generally pleasing and I had no complaints, until I realized I can't get the smell out of my pillows. (Thank you, Aveda.)

I've washed the cases repeatedly since the break up. Even risked the delicate skins of myself and child, and bought perfumed laundry soap. (Gasp!) I've since realized the cases were only half of the problem and so will try washing the pillows themselves and see if that helps. (Which makes me very grumpy because I hate washing my pillows - they're all lumpy afterwards and don't get back to comfy cozy normal for what seems like months.)

I feel like marked territory. Apparently hair gel is to pillow what dog piss is to fire hydrant. (How come that analogy never showed up on the SATs?)

It's unnatural for a scent to linger like that. Demonic even. Maybe laundry isn't the solution. Perhaps my pillow needs an exorcism. Or as it's more commonly referred to in the context of the dating world: a sexorcism.

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