Thursday, October 20, 2005

A Letter to My Mum

Dear Mom,

Yes. I just poured myself my second cup of coffee of the day. Before you give me the tsk tsk look again, let me remind you once again that coffee does not count as an illicit drug. You're from the 60's and you certainly had your share of groovy trips, so I'm not quite sure where the confusion comes in. Let me also remind you that two cups of coffee in the morning is rare for me. I usually only have one. Sometimes, none. I have gone a little wild lately, and developed a taste for lattes. But don't worry, Mom, lattes have yet to be classified as a gateway drug.

I appreciate your concern. I really do. And maybe it's my own fault for being such an exemplary daughter that the only thing you have to nag me about is an occasional cup of coffee. I promise to start hitting the crack pipe next week to give you a real problem to concern yourself with. In the meantime, enough about the coffee already!

Your loving daughter,

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