Saturday, October 22, 2005

Dude Looks Like a Lady

It’s been done. I broke it off with Kyle. The entire time I was breaking the news, I stared at my hands, my shoes, out the window. I’m such a pansy. Once it was over and I was able to look at him again, the strangest thing happened. He got about 10 times cuter. And keep in mind, he was already pretty damn cute to begin with. He also became laugh-out-loud funny and irresistibly charming. Got to the point where it was all I could do to keep from leaping across the couch and making out with him. I shut the door after he left and took immediate measures to keep from drunk dialing him. First step: Continue not being drunk.

Okay, so I wasn't exactly in danger of a drunk dial… but I was surprised by the instant increased attraction to something simply because it was no longer mine. God help me, I think I’m a man.

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